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Dataset 'Dutch children'

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Dutch children 2 to 3 years
Dutch children 3 to 4 years
Dutch children 4 to 5 years
Dutch children 5 to 6 years
Dutch children 6 to 7 years
Dutch children 7 to 8 years
Dutch children 8 to 9 years
Dutch children 9 to 10 years
Dutch children 10 to 11 years
Dutch children 11 to 12 years
Dutch children 12 to 13 years
  • code: kima1993
  • measure date: 1987 - 1992
  • publication date: 1993
  • type: empiric
Knowledge of the development of children is often required during the design of daily life products, in order to make them useful, efficient and safe. These design-relevant data were, however, hardly available for children in the Netherlands. In this book results are presented of a national study on the development of several groups of variables and treir mutual dependence: body dimensions, force exertion, motor performance, physical flexibility, technical comprehension, temperament and the relationships of these developmental aspects with accident liability. These variables were assessed on a large representative sample of children between 2 and 13 years of age in the Netherlands. The measurements were performed at primary schools and health care centers for infants and toddlers.
Besides, results of a pilot study are given concerning body dimensions of children between 0 and 1.5 years of age, which were measured in one province of the Netherlands.
This book can be a valuable source for designers, manufacturers, physiotherapists and phsicians.

  • people: L.P.A. Steenbekkers
  • book: Design implications and accident prevention
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