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Research and application within the TU Delft

Within the actual research programmes of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (programme 'Design for all ', sub programme 'Dynamic Anthropometry') the future developments will focus on the application of 3D anthropometric data in dynamic situations.

  • Data collection, how to require the 3D anthropometric data using new technologies such as stereophotogrammetry or laser scanning?
  • Analysis and presentation, how to analyse this data and to present it to designers by means of practical anthropometric tools to be developed?
  • Anthropometry in design, how the need for input in the design process can lead to anthropometric research.

The experience with the making of earlier tools such as ADAPS (a 3D digital human model) together with the existing experience in measuring human dimensions in different populations, will strongly contribute to these future developments. More recent insights focus on how anthropometric research can be used as a tool during the design process or can be initiated by (the demands for certain knowledge during) the design process. The transfer of actual anthropometric data to education and practice will be a driving force for these activities.

The department dedicated to most of the research and education related to Applied Ergonomics is the Applied Ergonomics and Design Section.