Providing information on using anthropometric data in design, DINED aims to help designers create better products. Its set of free tools makes it easy to explore, compare and utilise anthropometric data.

DINED was initiated by dr. Johan Molenbroek in 1980. Working with multiple team members over the past 40 years, DINED was extended from a paper based table into an information system for designers and researchers that is used by 50,000 users worldwide. In 2014 it was awarded with the Dutch Data Prize.

Since 2000, the focus has been moving to the application of 3D scanning in anthropometry. This has resulted in various 3D data collection as studies as well as research into the analysis and presentation of 3D anthropometric data and its applications in design.

DINED is a project of the Applied Ergonomics and Design Department of the TU Delft factulty of Industrial Design Engineering.

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